Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010: Continuing Our Tech Odyssey

2010 is hear and we will continue create, collaborate, investigate, motivate and communicate technology learning @Camilla School. Technology continues to evolve rapidly and new trends in education are always an interesting read. Here are a few of the attention-grabbing articles circulating throughout online media sources and social networks. Some predict technology trends will continue to grow in the areas of:
• Interactive whiteboards
• Mobile devices
• eBooks vs textbooks
• Realtime searches
• Educational social networking

Questions about the Next Decade
David Warlick

2020 Vision?
Will Richardson

K-12 Technology Trends for 2010
The Journal: Transforming Education through Technology

Ten Technologies that will Rock 2010
TechCrunch: Ercik Schonfeld

Ms. Tonhauser

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