Sunday, March 22, 2009

2K Magnetized Through VoiceThread

“A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to leave comments in several ways - using voice (with a mic or phone), text, audio file, or video via a webcam." (VoiceThread, 2009) gives a wonderful introductory overview as found in their multimedia presentation below:

“Design and produce a device that uses a magnet.”

Grade 2 Science, Topic C: Magnetism
Alberta Education, Programs of Study

Assessment for learning (AFL) is a practice that enhances how we learn. Together, the students and teacher are actively engaged in the planning and assessment of learning. They set criteria to frame the learning, monitor the progress, and think of ways to improve and achieve the goals. For our Grade 2 Science project, we combined the power of AFL with technology. After our study of Magnetism, we came up with criteria for our project using the curriculum outcomes. The children each created a game to show their understanding of what magnets can do. Along with a digital image of the game, each student contributed his/her thoughts using VoiceThread for a class multimedia presentation. This unique technology captures each individual performance; making it possible for the student to self-asses. It also allows us to share our creations with others, and invite collaborative feedback. The capacity of VoiceThread helps students understand that learning is an on-going process. We will use the feedback to help us edit and improve. We are thrilled with this opportunity to practise digital media literacy!
Ms. Kwan

The process of recording 2K students using the online VoiceThread tool was not complicated. A couple weeks before the recording process was going to take place, pictures were taken of each student holding their project as they were manipulating the magnet appropriately. Once all of the digital pictures were taken, they were uploaded into the VoiceThread program. Students were then ready to record their voices in small groups. Each recording session consisted of a laptop, a microphone as well as 2-3 students with prepared scripts. This was an exciting project for students as it was the first time many of them had recorded their voice. It was also just as thrilling for students to stand back and watch the live recording process in motion.

We hope that you enjoy Camilla School’s first VoiceThread!
Ms. Tonhauser

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