Thursday, December 9, 2010

1L Animal Research

Grade 1 students have been busy researching animals in science over the past couple weeks with Ms. LaBuick. Students have been studying living things, what they need to survive as well as how to grow within their environment. Through research, students have become familiar with differences and similarities in living things.

General Learner Expectations

Students will: Observe, describe and compare living things.

Specific Learner Expectations

Students will:
•Classify some animals into groups on the basis of visible characteristics; e.g., adaptations for survival, such as claws, beaks, prickles.

•Identify examples of animals that are normally under human care (domesticated) and those that are normally independent of human care (wild).

•Identify the requirements of animals to maintain life; i.e., air, food, water, shelter, space; and recognize that we must provide these for animals in our care.

Kidspiration software was used as the tool to give structure to the research project. This tool gave students creativity to visually organize their research information into web groupings such as:
•Looks like

Through the help of a cross-graded leadership activity with 5W, grade 1’s were shown how to import a digital picture in the centre of their web as well as given some assistance typing up their research information.

Ms. Tonhauser


  1. Hi Ms. Tonhauser,

    I enjoyed connecting with you on Twitter this afternoon. Your Kidspiration diagrams for your research lesson on animals look great!

    As you may already be discovering, visual learning truly helps students comprehend and retain new knowledge. The diagrams you have shown here help your students to grasp the idea of different species, classifications and more by drawing connections between different characteristics visually. What's more is that it's a lot of fun probably for your first graders!

    Keep me posted on the new ways you're using Kidspiration with your first grade students! I love to hear the creative ways educators find to use our programs with different activities.

    Also, be sure to stop by our blog at Here, you'll find several resources for educators under our Inspired Calendar and Inspired Sites.

    I'd love to connect with you further on our blog, Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to email me at connect(at) as well.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Sarah Cargill, Inspiration Software

  2. I am pleased to see students so young working with technology with such ease and skill. Our classrooms are really being transformed with the advanced use of technology and the possibilities for the future seem endless. Kudos to the teachers for embracing technology and new ways of learning.